10 Places To Go To When Visiting Los Angeles, Even As An Actor

Justin Sather – Life in Los Angeles

Hollywood is a magical place filled with movie stars and beautiful people. It is the places where movies and television are made. It is also the place that stars are born. If you plan to visit, you want to go to plan ahead to make the most of your time here. Here are 10 places to go when visiting Los Angeles, even if you are an actor.

1. Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Get a little high minded by walking through the largest art museum no the West Coast. You will see everything from classic to modern art from all parts of the globe. You will find inspiration as you explore the different exhibits and learn about some of the most famous artists in history.

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame

Sam Haskell

How can you not enjoy the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Get lost walking around and looking at all of the hands of famous people. You can even compare your hands with your favorite celebrities. You will see handprints of people from the golden age of cinema to today. You may even be able to take a picture with the famous characters lined up and down the street. No matter who you are, it is always a fun time.

3. Bob Barker Marionette Theater

Step into the unique world of puppets at the Bob Barker Marionette Theater. Watch a show that will help foster imagination in the entire audience. You can also learn how to work marionettes yourself. They also offer at home shows for birthday parties and online resources.

4. Rose Garden

Enjoy the beautiful rose garden that is free to the public for a majority of the year. You will be able to explore a wide variety of roses in every color you can think of. Take in the sights and the smells while you clear your mind.

5. Valley Relics Museum

Step back into the past and into two airplane hangars transformed into the beautiful Valley Relics Museum. You will see a number of different items from the past, including signs and cars and even arcade games. Everything is from the area, and the museum’s goal is to preserve some of the golden times in Los Angeles history.

6. Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Hollywood legends continue to live on forever in our minds at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. You will get the opportunity to walk the grounds and pay respects to some of the biggest Hollywood legends. Just be respectful since it is an active facility with memorials almost every day.

7. California Institute of Abnormal Arts

California Institute of Abnormal Arts (C.I.A.) is a night club like you have never seen before. Come have a cocktail and watch some underground entertainment in a fiercely cool and unique environment. You will see everything from dancers, musicians, puppeteers, magicians, filmmakers, and other artists. If you prefer to be the one performing, stop in on karaoke night to join in on the fun.

8. Two-Bit Circus

Two-Bit Circus is more than just a circus. It is more of a theme park with a circus theme. You will get in for free, and you will pay for the different attractions you want to enjoy. There are a number of different things to experience including:

  • Virtual Reality Arena
  • Interactive Group Experiences
  • Arcade
  • Carnival Games
  • Stand-up Comedy
  • Carnival Food

9. Griffith Observatory

Sam Haskell

Take the opportunity to see a different type of star in Hollywood at the Griffith Observatory. You will get the opportunity to look through telescopes and explore the cosmos. You can also take in a show at the planetarium. Finally, you can look at a number of different exhibits. Finally, take a look at the beautiful Los Angeles. This is perfect for a date night or for anyone who is drawn to the sky.

10. Universal Studios

Hollywood is magical, and there is no better place to see that than at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. The cultural phenomenon has been turned into a theme park, and you will feel like you are at Hogwarts yourself. Other exhibits at Universal Studios include:

  • Universal Studio Tour
  • The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash
  • Fast & Furious: Supercharged
  • Despicable Me: Minon Mayham
  • WaterWorld
  • Revenge of the Mummuy
  • The Walking Dead

Los Angeles is home to a number of different attractions that people will love whether they are in the industry or not. That’s one of the reasons that producer and philanthropist Sam Haskell calls the town home. Witness the city for yourself, and you may fall in love with the history, glitz, and glamour, just like Sam Haskell did.  

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