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Tips For Selecting a Structural Engineer in Los Angeles

One of the great mysteries for those who are not involved in the construction industry on a day-to-day basis is what the role of a structural engineer actually is. There are a number of projects that require the help of a structural engineer to be completed successfully safely and securely. There is often some confusion about what a structural engineer, such as Pedram Zohrevand does to make the completion of a project as efficient as possible. Choosing the right structural engineer can make all the difference between safely finishing a property renovation or struggling to complete it correctly.

What Does a Structural Engineer do?

A structural engineer is a specialist member of the construction industry who is capable of making sure all load-bearing walls and structures are constructed in the correct way. The Structural Engineers Association of California describes the work of members of this industry as analyzing and designing the gravity support and the ability to bear loads of all structures from buildings to bridges.

Structural engineers can play a role in any construction project by playing a role in the decisions about whether a structure can remain intact and safe after a construction project has been completed. Structural engineers, such as Pedram Zohrevand can work on many different projects, including compiling reports about the safety of a structure and helping design new structures and solutions to load-bearing problems.

1. Check State and National Licenses

Structural engineering is a part of the discipline of civil engineering that can have a big impact on the way a project is completed. A structural engineer will initially be licensed at the state level as a civil engineer but can continue their academic studies with licenses and achievements from national engineering bodies. The ability to provide every client with access to their licenses form the state of California and any national achievements should be part of the process of choosing an engineer for a project, according to Home Advisor.

2. Experience with Similar Projects

One of the main problems you may encounter when you are looking for a structural engineer is that of how to choose the correct person for your project. Medium explains a popular option is to interview a number of structural engineers and find the one who has experience of working on projects similar to that being completed.

Structural engineers can take on several different roles within the construction industry from helping design bridges to working on an attic conversion in a residential home. Along with the academic qualifications, all structural engineers should have the need for a lot of experience is vital to make sure every project is completed with a safe and secure structure.

3. Knowledge is Key

The work of a structural engineer can be focused on exploring the ability of a structure to remain intact when various loads are placed on it. To do this, a structural engineer must understand the building codes at a local and national level along with the ability to choose and examine the correct materials for every project. Choosing a structural engineer in California who can provide information on the different materials that are available to help with the choices you will need to make, including cost and effectiveness.

4. Ask for References

You may find a structural engineer in an office or they may use their vehicle as a makeshift office moving from project to project. No matter what form the workspace of a structural engineer takes, you should feel comfortable asking for references that will help you understand the type and quality of the work that has been completed in the past. Every high-quality structural engineer, such as Pedram Zohrevand should be able to provide references and a portfolio of their work to help you make your decision about choosing them for a project.

5. Technology Should be Available

Choosing the correct structural engineer can be a tough choice, but the use of technology should be part of the drive towards finding the best candidate for your project. A structural engineer should be using the latest software and equipment to back up their work from building designs to reports on the state of a foundation. 3-D computer designs and graphics should be available that can help the construction team and property owner visualize the completed project and how it will be completed

9 Tips For Hiring a Lawyer in Los Angeles

Life is a battle, and unfortunately, there will be some bouts where yelling and screaming aren’t always the best ways to resolve a particular incident. Sometimes, it is best to duke it out in the legal arena.

With this said, if you are looking for a lawyer for whatever legal issue you may be currently in, then you are in luck.

In this article, we have taken the liberty to outline nine amazing tips you can use when searching for a lawyer.

Lawyers are a dime of dozens these days, and it can be quite the task of finding the right one to hire.

However, with these nine tips, you will find that it will be much easier to find the best lawyer for whatever legal issue you may be facing.

If you would like to learn more about lawyers and the legal process, feel free to check out Douglas Healy website to learn more.

Now, on to the article.

9 Tips For Hiring a Lawyer in Los Angeles

1. Research The Lawyer’s Reputation

This is perhaps the most basic but the most important tip on this list. Research. Research. And research.

Because there are so many lawyers out there and there are many FAKE comments and reviews, it is important to do as much research as you can when hiring a lawyer.

Ask as many questions as you can when reaching out to them or their assistant. The more you know, the better it will be for you.

2. Hire Someone In The Family

We all know a lawyer in our family. If you can, reach out to family and see if they can help you in your legal bout. Blood is thicker than water, right?

With a family member on your side, they will be that more willing to fight for you and make sure that you get what you deserve.

3. Be Wary With A Friend Lawyer

Friends are a rarity in life. And it can be really difficult forging a strong relationship. Legal issues are something you may want to steer away from.

You guys may be friends, but when it comes to money and business, sometimes it is best to separate the two.

4. Ask Around

Word of mouth is still very powerful (and we know this with how social media has played such a huge role in so many things in pop culture).

Ask around as much as you can. The more questions you ask, the more answers you will find.

When dealing with a lawyer, you will want to ask as much as you can, as lawyers get paid by the hour.

So time and money are of the highest concern.

5. Talk With People You Work With (and are close with)

Now, for this one, you will want to be a bit careful, as we all know how bad office gossip can be.

But if you can talk with coworkers who may have been in some legal bouts and ask them about the lawyers they have worked with, you may very well find someone right for you.

6. Ask Questions

We know we are hitting hard with this tip, but this is because this is very powerful. The more questions you ask, the easier it will be to find that lawyer that is right for you.

7. Discuss Fees

As we have mentioned, briefly, lawyers get paid by the hour. You will need to negotiate or search around for a lawyer that you can afford.

There are many lawyers out there that are willing to work with you, so this should not be too much of an issue.

8. Find The Right Type Of Attorney

Know exactly what it is that you need a lawyer for. Not all lawyers are experts in the same field.

There are divorce lawyers, car accident lawyers, family lawyers, and lawyers who focus primarily on work accident compensation.

Know what it is you are in need of.

9. Start Searching NOW

Lastly, if you are looking for a lawyer, start searching RIGHT AWAY. Time is our most precious commodity.

Need to learn more about hiring a good lawyer?

Check out Douglas Healy (the link is above)

Daniel Doyle Pleasantville NY Shares The Best Way to Go About Finding a Mentor in LA

Starting out in life on your own is never easy. This is true in business too. Often times you know what you want, but you don’t know how to go about it. But, with the guidance of a mentor you can achieve your dreams. Finding a mentor in LA is hard to do, because many mentors enjoy a one-on-one relationship, and there are more of you than there are of them. Connecting with a mentor is the best asset you could ever have. It’s hard to find the right mentor, but with these helpful tips, you too can access the vital resources that only a mentor can deliver.

Think about what you are looking for in a mentor

Before you begin your search for a mentor, you need to think about what you are looking for, and what drives you as a professional. What are your goals and what do you hope to achieve by having a mentor? Having clear guidelines about what you want will encourage a mentor to work with you. Mentors don’t want to work with blank slates, they are mentors not muses.

Search on profession listing websites

There are many sites that can match you with mentors, or at least put you in touch with a mentor. Dan Doyle, Queens, suggests taking time to get to know your mentor on a personal level, before getting down to business.

Join a network

If you want to find a mentor, then you must be active in your community. Join a business network, create a LinkedIn profile and get your name out there. The right mentor won’t come to you, you have to approach them. In making the first move you show your willingness to make yourself a success.

Attend a workshop

Workshops are great places to meet with like-minded people. At workshops for mentor matchmaking, you can get tips on resumes, make business plans, practice your pitch, and find a mentor. Workshops are great places for people who don’t know what they want, because they can bounce ideas off others and narrow down their business model.

If you are looking for a photography mentor, Contact Dan Doyle Queens

Daniel Doyle Pleasantville NY, is a photographer and leader in his field. Doyle has been working as a photographer for years and with Dan on your side, you can grow as a photographer. Click here to learn more about Daniel Doyle Pleasantville NY

We cannot drive home, the importance of Mentors. Mentors are profoundly important to anyone who wants to grow personally and professionally. Mentorship is the way forward for anyone who wants to be a success. Moreover, having a mentor helps you develop your own sense of ideals and they are a great source of encouragement when you are feeling overwhelmed or demotivated. Through mentorship, you will form friendships and business relationships that will help to grow your business as well as your mentors. Without mentorship businesses (and the people running them) would not see constant growth and development and these are integral parts of the business eco-system

What to Expect When Starting a Floating Dock Construction Project in Los Angeles

Floating docks are very popular along the east and west coast and perhaps scattered throughout the American Midwest. California is well suited for a beautiful floating structure like the impressive floating docks built today. They’re very necessary for many applications, and provide a well suited balance along Los Angeles’ coastline.

The Purpose of a Floating Platform

For those who may be familiar with floating platforms the myriad of uses may be surprising. Think about the ease of cleaning a floating vessel like a small boat or even a yacht as a dock allows for a boat to pull in safely. Docks allow for extension of existing platforms allowing access of waterways without limiting the size or design of the dock itself. Well designed docks also allow for more access of floating devices allowing for many users on the waterway. Popularity of water sports has increased the demand of floating docks allowing access to limited real estate.

Benefits of a Floating Dock

  • Easily repositioned or removed
  • Affordability
  • Quick installation
  • Dock construction floats: vertical distances remain same
  • Low maintenance
  • Modular systems
  • Multiple design options

Few common designs

  • Conventional floating boat platform
  • L-shaped
  • T-shaped
  • U-Shaped

Considerations Before Dock Construction

  • Furniture a possibility
  • Is fishing desirable
  • Will people jump off the platform
  • Size and congestion of other floating devices
  • Sporting events

Expectations During Construction

Rumors shouldn’t dictate decisions regarding the commitment to construction of any structure. Docks require maintenance, inspections, replacing parts, staining wood, and many other headaches created upon decision to have one in the first place. This is where floating docks are incredibly desirable, and the outcome is not the disaster most would believe.

There is nothing wrong with stationary platforms however, a floating apparatus does harbor practical benefits. When the construction begins it best to go with the professionals when purchasing a floating structure. Once a structure, after design and material is designated, is fully operational the lasting impression of the completed structure will not disappoint.

There are many professional builders to choose from and one in particular stands out when it comes to floating construction. Decks & Docks Lumber Company has several locations and countless completed projects over the years proving expertise in waterway construction. The availability to utilize their multiple locations allows for a vast array of planning, decision making, and completion of any project requested in the United States including California.

If You Need, We’ll Get It There

That is their motto and Decks & Docks Lumber Company will find the location, ship products, and find a location suitable for your needs anywhere and anytime. They provide a wide variety of lumber products including composite if this is a request along with local service wherever you may be located. Consider professional advice and suggestions before you decide on your next purchase

5 Strategies to Use to Land a Government Relations Job in Los Angeles

The chance of landing a government relationship job can be a huge blessing for those who are looking for a steady job. Landing a government relations job in Los Angeles may seem like it can be a difficult task, but if you follow these simple tactics and strategies listed below, you will discover that it is not that hard.

Government relations jobs offer a wide array of benefits for their employees, which is more the reason you should follow these steps listed below if you want to land a job.

If you need more information or would like to learn more about government jobs in your area, feel free to reach out to me, David Urban, with the link provided.

Wishing you nothing but success in your job seeking endeavor.

5 Strategies to Use to Land a Government Relations Job in Los Angeles

1 – Create a USAJOBS Account

Now, this may seem like a no-brainer for many, but this is easily one of the best ways to find a government relation job quick and effectively. The USAJOBS website, which you need to sign up for, will allow you to post your resume and find jobs that you are looking for specifically.

This website is geared around offering the USA government and corporate jobs for American citizens.

If you ahem not yet signed up and made an account otherwise this website, then we highly recommend that you do so immediately. The quicker you sign up to this site, the faster you will be able to find a job.

Sign up here at

2 – Search For The Right Jobs

There are a variety of different jobs out there that you can do for the government. It is essential to know precisely what type of job you are looking to engage in.

You may want to consider some of thee jobs, such as:

  • Government and Community Relations Manager
  • Sr Manager State Government Affairs
  • Regional Government Relations Manager
  • Analyst, Government Relations
  • Director, Government Relations

These are to name a few.

Know exactly why it is that you want to venture into so that you can better find the job right for you.

Why this is so salient, and why I (David Urban) am stressing this so much, is because this is going to be a permanent job for many of you.

Find a job that you genuinely love to do, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

3 – Sign Up For Daily Emails

Something else you may find quite helpful is signing up for daily emails. Many people have found massive success (in regards to finding work) via their emails.

4 – Apply Immediately, but VERY Carefully

This may be a no-brainer, but when you find a job that you have a passion for, sign up as quickly as possible.

(And this is more the reason to sign up to email newsletters.)

5 – Check To See If You Have Been “Referred” To Other Agencies

Lastly, this is more of a follow-up strategy than an actual approach. When you apply to specific jobs, you may want to ask the person in charge (if you advent head from them in a few days) if they have referred you to someone else.

In addition, you may also want to ask if they CAN referral’s you to someone else. The more you ask, the more opportunities you will find

First Time Home Buyer Mistakes to Avoid in Los Angeles

It can be extremely stressful and overwhelming for first time home buyers. This is especially true if they aren’t using programs like the Chenoa Fund. Doing everything on your own can make things much more difficult and can often lead to mistakes being made that could’ve been prevented. Since these can result in some pretty bad consequences, you’ll want to do what you can to make sure you don’t make them. With that said, here are 5 first time home buyer mistakes to avoid in Los Angeles.

Buying Too Much House

One of the biggest mistakes that first time home buyers make is buying way too much house. They get excited and end up with a house and monthly payment that’s way above their means. Not only can this make every month extremely stressful, but it can also result in them actually losing their house. The best thing to do is use a mortgage calculator and see how much you can afford based on the highest amount you can comfortably pay every month.

Talking to Only One Lender

You’ll also want to avoid talking to only one lender. Many people who are buying a home for the first time end up taking the first mortgage offer they get. They don’t take the time to talk to multiple different lenders and don’t actually check out what options they have. The issue with going with the first lender you talk to is that you could be giving up mortgages that have much better terms and payments. The safe thing is to check with at least 3 different lenders to see some of your options.

Ignoring First-Time Home Buyer Programs

Many people don’t actually realize that there are programs out there that are specifically aimed towards first time home buyers. Not only do some of these programs help with down payments, but they can also help with things like closing costs. One thing to keep in mind is that each area and state are going to have different programs and requirements, so make sure you check out what’s available in your area.

Emptying Savings

Another mistake you’ll want to avoid is emptying savings. A lot of people end up completely depleting their savings on things like the down payment and closing costs. While this might seem alright in the short term, it can really mess things up in the longer term. Owning a house comes with many responsibilities and any emergencies that come up will be your responsibility. Not having enough money saved up to take care of these things can leave you in a tough position and cause much more hassle than need be.

Making a Too-Small Down Payment

One final mistake that first time home buyers make is making a down payment that’s too small. While you don’t necessarily have to pay 20%, you want to make sure you pay at least around 13%. While some places will let you make a payment lower than that, you’ll end up having a higher monthly payment and more costs to deal with in the long run.

Now that you know what to avoid and that you can get help from programs like the Chenoa Fund, you’ll be able to have a better experience buying your first home. Since it’s exciting and a big step, you want to have the least amount of stress as possible! Make sure you do these things to help make everything go as smoothly as it can

Have You Entered The Melvin Brewing Boil Rumble Yet?


Through a best-of-show judging process, judges will narrow the field down to six clubs. Each of the six clubs will have the chance to brew their winning batch at Melvin Brewing. This batch will be released in draft and cans in your home market.

All six finalist clubs will then go head-to-head at Homebrew Con in June 2019. The winning club will receive a MoreBeer! Brewsculpture, get their beer released in cans nationally, and be part of a BN podcast highlighting their winning beer. The winning club will brew the beer at Melvin — no short cuts or dumbing down the recipe to fit into a price point on the shelf.
This beer is guaranteed to be tasty.

Things You Need to Know About Getting Divorced in Los Angeles

Divorce is one of the most distressing and disheartening processes that a person can go through, and both the divorcing spouses and the children get affected by the changing life events. For instance, they will experience new living arrangements, relationships, confrontations, schedules, and new expenses. A range of emotions from being sad, angry and anxiety in the entire process can hinder one from making informed decisions about their life. If you live in Los Angeles and are facing divorce right now, it is likely that you do not know about what happens in during the divorce process. You are not alone in this confusion, and the following points will give you an insight on how to handle the divorce process in Los Angeles.


• Reasons For Divorcing

In some states such as California, there is a law known as ‘no-fault’ divorce, and this means that you are not supposed to give a reason for divorcing your spouse or you do not need to prove that your spouse is guilty of anything. In this case, you are allowed by the court to legally file a divorce on the basis that you have ‘irreconcilable differences’ between you and your spouse. You or your spouse can file a divorce, and the other person is not allowed to obstruct the divorce process in any way. However, if your spouse is not ready to be divorced and decides to not participate in the divorce process, a default judgment will be provided anyway, and the divorce will be concluded. 

• The Process Of Filing For Divorce

Divorce process in Los Angeles starts with the filing of a petition that provides the court with some basic details about your marriage. Some of the things that you reveal from your petition include number of children if you have them, a property shared and businesses you own together. Depending on your situation and needs such as a plan to move to another state with children, you might be required to fill more additional forms from the judicial website. Once you are done with the paperwork, you will be required to inform your spouse about the divorce. Unless you ‘serve’ your spouse with these papers, no judgment can be done by the court on your divorce, which makes this step very essential. You and your spouse will then be required to attend a trial or a mediation meeting to settle several contested issues in your divorce. In this case, you should come with your divorce attorney to help you make better decisions. 

• Choosing A Good Divorce Attorney

Since divorce is a personal issue, it is good to choose with a divorce attorney whom you feel comfortable working with. In this case, you will need to look for a reliable Tampa divorce attorney especially one who understands your goals in the divorce. Sometimes you may be required to interview a few of them before choosing one because you want to work with someone who will not settle for less. Also, everyone wants to save as much money as possible during the divorce process, and therefore you should consider your budget too. Choosing a good Tampa divorce attorney can be overwhelming, but if you do your homework well, and involve friends and relatives, you might end up getting the best. The amount you pay to the attorney will depend on the state you are in, the parties involved and the issues you have at hand. 

• What Should You Expect?

Some of the things that will be settled before a divorce is granted in Los Angeles include child custody, child support, and division of properties that you both own separately or jointly. Most of these issues will be settled depending on the agreement you make between you two or trial judgment, but at the end of it all, a settlement will be arrived at. If you filed your divorce in LA, you should expect to wait for six months before the final decision is made and this means that even if you have agreed amicably from the beginning, you must wait for six months to elapse before your divorce gets finalized. 

11 Affordable Eats In Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a culinary tapestry, weaving together flavors from around the world with the elegance and sophistication the city is known for. Here’s a curated list of the best local restaurants that showcase the diverse and exquisite dining experiences Beverly Hills has to offer. From lawyers to celebrities, earthquakes to huge banks, you can find it all near some of these great Beverly Hills eateries.

Beverly Hills, a city synonymous with luxury and fine living, offers a gastronomic landscape as rich and diverse as its storied history of glamour and celebrity. Amid the grandeur of its palm-lined streets and the opulence of its boutiques, the local restaurants stand as pivotal experiences, not mere dining establishments but cultural institutions that embody the essence of this iconic locale. These eateries offer more than just sustenance; they provide a tableau upon which the city’s heart beats strongest, where the flavors mingle with the tales of Hollywood’s elite and the dreams of those who walk its broad avenues.

Local restaurants in Beverly Hills are more than just cornerstones of culinary delight; they are the gathering places for the community and the keepers of the city’s soul. Each bite taken in these local spots offers a story—a taste of the city’s history, a piece of a narrative spun over the decades. From the storied delis that have served generations of patrons to the avant-garde kitchens pushing the boundaries of modern cuisine, each restaurant is a thread in the vibrant tapestry that is Beverly Hills.

Inside a Beverly Hills restaurant, with a view of palm-lined streets through a window.

The significance of these local eateries transcends the plates served. They are venues where business deals are brokered over power lunches, where friends convene for leisurely brunches under the Californian sun, and where tourists seek to capture a piece of the Beverly Hills mystique. These establishments are crucial in supporting the local economy, providing employment, and fostering the culinary arts. They’re environmental stewards, often sourcing produce from local farms and markets, thus embedding sustainability into the luxury lifestyle.

These eateries offer a culinary exploration that mirrors the city’s inclusive spirit. Global flavors tell tales of a city deeply connected to the world, yet distinct in its Southern Californian charm. Here, one can traverse continents within the span of a few blocks, from the robust spices in a bowl of authentic dumplings to the rich and comforting embrace of an Italian pasta dish.

  1. Il Tramezzino
    Il Tramezzino takes the top spot with its charming sidewalk café ambiance and an assortment of Italian delights. Their chicken Panini is a crowd-pleaser, perfectly complemented by a selection of penne pasta and Mediterranean salads, all at a price that invites you to indulge without a second thought.
  2. The Farm of Beverly Hills
    For sandwich aficionados, The Farm of Beverly Hills is a must-visit. With a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, they serve up American classics with a twist, like the lamb burger and turkey chili, all while keeping the prices down-to-earth.
  3. Chaumont Café and Bakery
    The French flair of Chaumont Café and Bakery earns its acclaim with delectable pastries and the famed spicy tuna sandwich. It’s a place where the aromas of fresh baking meet the charm of Beverly Hills, creating an unforgettable and affordable dining experience.
  4. Brighton Coffee Shop
    The Brighton Coffee Shop blends the warmth of a café with the freshness of a bakery. Here, the meatloaf is an unexpected delight, and the coffee is sure to invigorate your senses. It’s a culinary retreat where the offerings are as delightful to the palate as they are kind to your wallet.
  5. Northern Café
    Northern Café brings the best of Chinese comfort food to Beverly Hills with their unmatched dumplings and noodles. If you’re looking for savory satisfaction without the hefty price tag, their beef roll is an exquisite choice that won’t disappoint.
  6. Kochi
    A stone’s throw from Beverly Hills, Kochi offers a Japanese culinary adventure. Their menu extends beyond borders, providing global flavors at prices that make high-end cuisine accessible. The mentai cream Udon is a signature dish that highlights their dedication to both quality and affordability.
  7. Piccolo Paradiso
    Piccolo Paradiso is a hidden gem offering a cozy getaway in the heart of Beverly Hills. With a focus on authentic Italian cuisine, patrons can enjoy a robust menu featuring homemade pasta, exquisite seafood, and classic Italian desserts, all presented with impeccable service.
  8. Lawry’s The Prime Rib
    Lawry’s The Prime Rib is an institution in Beverly Hills, known for its signature hand-carved prime rib served tableside. This old-school eatery offers a unique dining experience with its elegant decor, classic silver carts, and an extensive wine list, ensuring an unforgettable meal.
  9. The Grill on the Alley
    Tucked away just steps from Rodeo Drive, The Grill on the Alley brings a touch of classic American grill to the neighborhood. Known for its straightforward, hearty fare, including steaks, chops, and seafood, this spot prides itself on its consistent quality and service that recalls the glamour of Old Hollywood.
  10. Nate ‘n Al
    A Beverly Hills staple since 1945, Nate ‘n Al is a traditional Jewish delicatessen that has stood the test of time. This deli serves up classic favorites such as hot pastrami sandwiches, bagels with lox, and matzo ball soup. It’s a casual spot with a warm atmosphere, ideal for a filling lunch or breakfast in a place rich with history.
  11. BONUS! Spago Beverly Hills
    Finally, Spago Beverly Hills, Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant, deserves mention. While not entirely off the beaten path due to its celebrity chef status, it offers a secluded patio and innovative dishes that make it a haven for those seeking a quieter, yet upscale dining experience.

Each of these establishments contributes its unique flavors and experiences to the Beverly Hills dining scene, offering options ranging from comfort food to luxurious meals, all encapsulated in the exclusive ambiance of this iconic city.

As the flavors linger and the conversations ebb, the quintessential experience of dining in Beverly Hills leaves an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to partake. These top local restaurants, each with their unique offerings, exemplify the city’s commitment to culinary excellence and its celebration of diverse tastes. They represent the essential role that local eateries play in the fabric of Beverly Hills, not merely as purveyors of food but as social and cultural hubs that enhance the city’s vibrancy. Whether it’s through a timeless deli sandwich that tastes of tradition, or a contemporary dish that pushes the envelope, these establishments ensure that Beverly Hills remains at the forefront of gastronomic innovation and luxury. This curated list reflects the very best that the city has to offer – an invitation to explore, indulge, and rediscover the pleasures of exceptional dining in an extraordinary city.