Author: Justin Sather

La Taille de Guepe

La Taille de Guepe is a French cuisine restaurant provides excellent food without being too expensive and “Artsy”.  If you want great tastes and elegant designs with a twist, make sure you stop by but don’t eat the flowers! That’s right, plates are decorated with flowers to add color to your meal! Order the Chicken pasta with white sauce and get red and blue flowers decorated on the edge of the bowl, this makes your food pop and look alive. An interesting place with interesting style, check out La Taille de Guepe. I loved it!

The Getty Museum

If you are a fan of art or just want a good place to visit with a great view of the LA area than head to the Getty Museum. Overlooking the Santa Monica State Beach this museum has a spectacular collection such by Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne and many other architectural artists. Of course if you wish to spend your time strolling the gardens and looking at the art it is recommended you spend at least 3-5 hours at this monstrous centre. Its free to enter and has three restaurants all positioned with overlooking views of the Santa Monica area.

Things to do In Movie Central! – Hollywood

Hollywood is a district in central LA, home to the motion picture industry of the United States. Its a highly ethnically diverse and densely populated community home to many movie stars and the birthplace of the Film industry. There are many things to do in Hollywood here are a few; Visit the Forecourt of the Stars at the Chinese Theatre! You can measure your hands and feet in the imprints of famous movie stars, see how you measure up! Don’t forget to do the Hollywood Walk of Fame, follow the stars on the ground and see which singers, actors, radio persons, and other celebrities are honored with the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Of course no Hollywood tour is complete without a Picture or selfie in front of the Hollywood sign. Grab a concert or just go explore the Hollywood Bowl, an out door amphitheater that’s hosted many famous singers over the summer months. Want to be on TV? How about in the audience, buy tickets to a TV show taping is another fun activity and sometimes the tickets are even free! Universal Studios is the theme park for the ultimate cinima-phile or just those interested in TV and movie productions! Want to get up close and personal? Go to the Madame Tussaud’s wax museum next to Grauman’s theatre and see some of your favorite stars forever cast into life size figurines! Hollywood is the perfect visit for anyone who dreams of becoming a movie star and see all the glam of being famous. Go check it out!

What’s up with the food trucks?

Justin Sather's Food Truck Obsession.
Justin Sather’s Food Truck Obsession.

I’ve watched enough TV to know that the food truck is king in LA but I had no idea there were SO MANY! Literally I have driven down streets and see 10 food trucks in a 3 block area. All of them have patrons lined up ordering food a lunch. It seems that there are a lot of higher end food trucks in the downtown area and more expensive areas. Near where I live is a great little truck (trailer actually) named the Taco Zone. If you’re wondering, order the tacos.

From grilled cheese, to weird things like lasagna bowels and bacon filled corn dogs wrapped in spaghetti, you’ll find it all at a food truck near you (or me actually)!

Bartolo Colon in a Dodgers Uniform?

Bartolo Colon, newest Dodger?
Bartolo Colon, newest Dodger?

The Dodgers are in need of a little starting rotation help, could Bartolo Colon be wearing the blue anytime soon? Tell me what you think in the comments.

Personally I think there is a greater than 50/50 chance. With a sizable salary next year Colon could be nothing more than a salary dump for the New York Mets and the Dodgers love that game. Give up a AA prospect and pay the money and Bartolo Colon can be all yours!