Jean Danhong Chen Shares 4 Ways Californians Have Been Impacted By Covid-19

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The state of California has been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Californians are concerned about their jobs, their industries, and their health. Immigrants who are coming to California are stuck in an immigration system that has come to a standstill, and these immigrants also have a hard time finding jobs. Read more to learn how California has been impacted by the pandemic and how Californians are coping.

Jean Danjong Chen

The State Of California Has Ordered Many Bars And Restaurants To Close

Jean Danhong Chen knows that the state of California needed to take drastic measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 70 percent of the state’s population is affected by an order to close all recently reopened bars and restaurants.

Jean Danhong Chen understands that these establishments reopened to bad statistics concerning the spread of the virus. Workers in these restaurants and bars were able to make a living again, but they needed to go home shortly after opening. Patrons might have been happy to support local businesses, but they could not. Californians want to get back to work, and a large percentage of the population lost hope when the governor ordered these locations to close again.

Schools Cannot Teach As Normal

Schools in California cannot offer instruction in the classroom. Schools are reopening with online learning options for all students. Obviously, some students will perform very well in an online classroom. Sadly, many students do not have the resources or support that they need to succeed in an online setting. Jean D. Chen wants children to learn, but it is difficult when they are not in an environment that is conducive to learning.

Internet service, computers, and supplies are often difficult for many children to find, and their families cannot afford to pay for these supplies because the parents are out of work or underemployed. Teachers are struggling to learn what to do. Some school systems might ask their teachers to teach online from an empty classroom. Other teachers may need to work from home as they try to help their students.

A Mandatory Mask Order Changes Everyone’s Routine

The mandatory mask order for California asks everyone who leaves the house to wear a mask. Wearing a mask is the easiest way to get the virus under control, and masks will be found all over California as people try to go about their daily lives.

Businesses, Jobs, And Immigration Have Slowed

Some industries are shrinking. Hotels and small inns have been hit hard because they cannot host anyone safely. Bars and restaurants are losing money while their employees cannot earn a living. The transportation industry has slowed down, and ports across the state are experiencing a major backlog of supplies that have been delivered to the state.

Trains cannot enter and leave the state as normal, and planes cannot leave the state as normal with cargo. Arts and entertainment venues have been empty for months, and retail stores have been closed. Malls cannot continue to operate if they are not getting rent payments from all their stores, and daycare services cannot operate because parents are afraid their children will get sick.

The immigration system has slowed to a halt because courts and municipalities are closed. Jean D. Chen cannot support clients like normal, and there are many businesses across the state that were hoping to bring employees to California on special visas like the H-1B.

Californians Are Afraid They Cannot Get The Testing They Need

Jean Danhong Chen knows that Californians are afraid they cannot be tested. These people are hoping to go to a local pharmacy or testing center, but these locations are often overrun with people. People who live in underserved areas might not get the testing they need, and essential workers might not get tested as they are asked to go back to work.

At the same time, schools might reopen even if teachers cannot get the tests they need. While teachers might sit alone in their rooms, they are still at risk. Additionally, people who believe they may have contracted COVID-19 should have the option to get tested instantly. Because so many people have lost their health insurance, they cannot afford to pay for tests that might be scarce.

California Is Coping As Best As It Can

Jean Chen knows that California has been rocked by the coronavirus, and Californians need to know where the deficiencies are, how to overcome them, and what can be done to control the virus. A mandatory mask order can make it much easier to control the virus, but more tests are needed for the public. Parents and children might not know how to deal with school, and it might be a difficult recovery for those who still cannot go back to work.

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